Monday, February 9, 2015

Little's Lunches 9

Happy Monday!
I have had numerous people ask me about some of the lunchboxes I use, and while I have a pretty extensive variety of containers, my favorite, by a landslide, is the yumbox. It's pretty expensive, so I only have one for each kid, but I love them SO much and use them as often as I can, so it seemed worth it. A few weeks ago though, the latch broke off of M's outer case and I was so upset! I didn't want to invest in another for him if they were going break like that. Well guess what?! I wrote to the company and included a picture of the latch. Within an hour I received a response and within a week I had a brand new latch kit at my door! How's that for customer service?! I was so relieved and impressed with the quick fix they offered, and I was excited to be able to use them again. No other lunchbox I have found seals the way yumbox does which really gives me more flexibility when packing my kid's lunches. I know I won't get a soggy uneaten full lunch brought back to me at the end of the day along with a grumpy hungry kid when I pack these!
 Monday: Salami and Prosciutto, Crackers, veggies and ranch, frozen peach slices and kettle corn
 Tuesday: Asian Noodle Salad, Freeze Dried Grapes and a frozen Yogurt tube
Wednesday: Asian Noodle Salad, Applesauce, Broccoli and Ranch and Pretzel squares
Thursday: Artichoke Bacon Cheese Spread in a flour tortilla, veggies and ranch, goldfish and applesauce with dried cranberries
Friday: Asian Noodle Salad, cheese stick and a chocolate caramel square

As you can see, my kids love this Asian Noodle Salad. It makes a HUGE bowl that lasted us the whole week and they even requested it a few days as an after school snack as well. I love making things like this on the weekend to carry us through the week. I use Pioneer Woman's recipe as a base but I use whole wheat pasta instead of the white, I omitted the jalapeno and I used baby kale instead of the Napa cabbage and spinach. I also blend the dressing in a food processor instead of just whisk it together so there are no pieces of garlic and ginger to bite into.
So tell me, what's your favorite lunchbox packing items?
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