Monday, December 8, 2014

Little's Lunches 2

Happy Monday! I'm excited to share another Little's Lunches with you today! I got a lot of feedback from last week's post so I think this will be a fun way to start the week off from now on
Monday: Sliced roasted turkey, cheese stick, whole wheat crackers, carrots with olives and Ranch, raisins for M and a cutie orange for B in our yumbox
Tuesday: Cranberry Turkey Salad, honey wheat pretzel sticks, edemame, raisins, carrots and olives, dried apples for M and a cutie for B in the yumbox
Wednesday: M had a field trip, so everything had to be disposable and I was worried nothing would be properly chilled so I went with the old faithful PB&J, dried fruit, veggies and a juice box. For B, she had a PB&J, cheese stick, dried apples, a mini chocolate chip banana muffin, and veggies with Ranch served in bad for the environment baggies and a lunch cube
 Thursday: Pasta Salad (a mix of macaroni, pepperoni, edemame, cherry tomato, olives, mushrooms, celery and shredded carrot), a mini cheese wedge, a mini chocolate chip banana muffin, a dried fruit snack for M and a cutie for B served in this box and silicone muffin liners
 Friday: The rest of the pasta salad on baby spinach leaves, cucumber and tomatoes, raisins, key lime yogurt and a mini chocolate chip banana muffin in the yumbox with our Sporks which I love love love. I got mine at the NYC Food and Wine fest, but you can buy some using the link above!
 What do your kids love to see in their lunchboxes?


  1. Do you ever worry that they'll forget to bring their containers home?

    Hannah had the same lunch every day from 1st grade through 8th grade: hard salami sandwich on white bread, potato chips (which she put on her sandwich), carrot sticks and an apple. She never wanted anything else!

    1. Surprisingly enough, they always bring their lunch containers home. Water bottles are a whole 'nother ball game though!

  2. Kaia would love that pasta salad! Always love the Lil' Lunches ;)


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