Monday, December 22, 2014

Little's Lunches 4

Happy Monday! I know it's Christmas week and most everyone is off already, but I still wanted to share what we packed for our lunches last week. I think today my kids and I will stay in pj's, watch Christmas movies and be lazy- what are your plans? Anyone doing any last minute shopping?
 Monday: freeze dried grapes, cheese sticks, Sandwich Sushi (made with whole wheat bread, chive cream cheese, turkey and carrot), baby carrots, pepperoni, kiwi and mushroom slices in the Sistema box- My kids LOVED the sandwich sushi! I can tell we will be making different variations of this in the weeks to come
 Tuesday: Mini Cornbread Muffins with Hot Dog and Cheese with mustard to dip (this is just cornbread mix in mini muffin tins baked with cheese sticks and "healthier" hot dogs which are all natural turkey with no nitrates), cheese sticks, Asian sesame coleslaw, goldfish, dried apple slices and cranberries in the yumbox
Wednesday: Leftovers!! Chicken and Artichoke Flatbread Sandwiches, sliced grilled chicken sausage slices with BBQ sauce to dip, baby carrots, brown bread, kiwi for B and a fruit snack for M, and a small Baci chocolate ball in the Sistema box
Thursday: Make Your Own Pizza! Sandwich flatbread rounds with shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, sliced olives, green bell pepper, pizza sauce and yogurt- my kids gave this one two thumbs way up. I think this will be a regular in our rotation and it was SO easy to throw together
Friday: On Friday the kids both had their class parties. I had signed up to bake and bring cupcakes for the kids to decorate. Those things always seem like a great idea when you sign up to do it a month before the Christmas rush really starts and then on the night that you're scheduled to make them I'm always looking around me like "who the hell signed me up for one more thing to do?!" SO in my frenzied state of baking for the party, getting the teacher gifts put together, being the chauffer for after school activities and getting last minute reservations and plans together for our insanely amazing trip coming up (more on that one later) I resigned myself to allowing the kids to buy lunch at school. They said it was awesome and delicious. I doubt that very seriously, but as long as they were happy that's all that mattered! What are your plans for Christmas? I can't wait to share mine!!
I'll give you a hint: It's magical ;)

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