Monday, December 15, 2014

Little's Lunches 3

Happy Monday! I can't believe how fast this month is flying by! I'm so excited to have received such a great response from the previous Little's Lunches, I have had a lot of fun putting these posts together!
Monday: M has bronchitis, so I heated up chicken noodle soup in the kid's thermos bowls and sent that with some goldfish and a mini Hawaiian banana nut muffin
 Tuesday: Roast Beef and Chive Cream Cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread, veggies (my kids get a kick out of the baby corn!) dried apple slices and prunes in these Sistema cubes
 Wednesday: Roast Beef and Chive Cream Cheese rolled in tortillas, honey wheat pretzel sticks, pickles, carrots and dried cranberries in the yumbox
Thursday: Roast Beef, Whole Grain Crackers, hard boiled egg, olive snack cup, baby cheese wedge, veggies and ranch dip, frozen strawberries in the Sistema cubes
Friday: Egg Salad, Whole Wheat Pita Wedges, Cheese Sticks, baby carrots and mushrooms with Ranch, a prune and a mini Hawaiian Banana Nut Muffin in the yumbox
It's so funny to me that my kids love prunes. When I was little, prunes grossed me out so much and I was convinced that no one below the age of 85 ate them. I know they're healthy and I'm glad my kids are willing to try anything but I can't help but giggle when I put them in their boxes. Is there anything your kids eat that you won't touch?


  1. You are so creative with their lunches - love it!

    When I was pregnant with Hannah, the smell of red meat grossed me out and I craved Asian and Thai food. My now almost 23 year old daughter hates red meat and loves Asian and Thai food - she says it's because I never introduced red meat to her in the womb is why she doesn't like it now. Ha!

    1. When I was preggo with Marshall I was on a serious hunt for the most spicy Thai food I could find! I wanted to sweat LOL


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