Monday, February 2, 2015

Little's Lunches 8

Happy Monday! I'm excited to share another edition of Little's Lunches with you and I can't believe I was able to stretch a buck the way I did this week without my kids even noticing!!
It's really sad how proud I am right now about that!
Every week, before I go to the store, I check what's on sale at the grocery and plan what I buy from that and what contest ingredients I need at the time. This past week, hams were on sale for 98 cents a pound. I just couldn't pass it up, it was too good of a deal and I knew I could turn that beast into many different meals once I baked it. The first night I made a peach jam, brown sugar and Dijon glaze and had baked ham with roasted acorn squash and a salad. Then I made an entire week's worth of lunches with the leftovers!
 Monday: Ham Spread (just like tuna or egg salad but with ham that I pulse in the food processor- the kids Love it) on a bun with blackberries, pistachios and yogurt tubes
Tuesday: Ham and Cheese Cornbread Muffins, veggies with ranch, peanut butter puffins, jello and yogurt tubes
Wednesday: Baby kale, carrots, red bell pepper, cucumber and ham salads with ranch, croutons, crackers and blackberries
 Thursday: Ham, Peas and Bowtie Three Cheese Ranch Pasta Salad, carrot cake muffin bars and jello
Friday: Ham Spread rolls in a flour tortilla, yogurt tubes, veggies, sweet potato crackers and prunes

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