Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mexi-cado Sliders with Street Corn Salsa

Hey there! It's me again, about to sound like a broken record and beg you for votes to help me win yet another chance at an amazing once in a lifetime prize opportunity!
I keep saying I won't enter any more of these voting contests, but when companies  wave prizes in my face like the chance at a "vacation, kitchen remodel or man cave worth up to $25,000" who can pass that up?!
Obviously not me, so here we are.
Who doesn't love them? I really am happy to eat them on anything, but when I saw that Avocados from Mexico was hosting this sandwich contest I figured I needed to make a sandwich that made the avocado the star of the show- not just used as a spread or topping, but acting as the main attraction.
I made an avocado patty rolled in crushed tortilla chip crumbs and perched that on top of a Mexican Street Corn salsa and chipotle black bean spread on cute little slider rolls topped off with pickled red onion! How's that for Tex-Mex slider perfection?!
Black bean dip (I made mine but feel free to use store bought)
Chipotle hot sauce
 warm Slider Buns
 Cotija cheese
2 ripe Avocados from Mexico
 Crushed tortilla chips
 Pickled red onions- (I made my own using this recipe but you can certainly use store bought)
To make these, make sure you start with cold ripe avocados, they stick together best when they're cold. These are super easy to make and Just season and taste as you go!
Stir together the black bean dip and chipotle hot sauce and spread on the bottoms of the slider buns. Combine the mexicorn, cotija cheese, mayonnaise and cilantro in a small bowl and spoon on top of the bean spread. Coarsely mash the avocados, season with salt and pepper and form into small patties. Roll avocado patties into the crushed tortilla crumbs and place patties on the buns. Top with pickled red onions and serve immediately.
 So if you would, please go vote for me, and make a few of these sliders while you're at it! You can vote once a day until the 13th and each and every vote is so appreciated!

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