Monday, January 12, 2015

Little's Lunches 5

Happy Monday!! I am so excited to share this week's Little's Lunches with you today because this week I tried a few new things out that my kids totally loved!
Monday: The kids were still on Christmas break, so they didn't have school Monday. Lunch at home was- Mama Mia Meatball Taquitos! (recipe here), green beans and applesauce
 Tuesday: Ants on a Log Dip!- I filled a small container with peanut butter, sprinkled some cinnamon on it and topped it with raisins. I served it with celery sticks and wheat thins and the kids raved about it! Sometimes all it takes is putting a new name on something and telling kids that they get to "make it themselves" for them to like something. Also on the menu: hard boiled eggs, applesauce, cucumbers and carrots
served in the Sistema box
 Wednesday: Egg Salad, wheat thins, goldfish crackers, pistachios, blackberries, red bell pepper and "carrot chips". When I went to the store I saw these wavy carrot slices next to the baby carrots I always buy. I decided to get a pack and tell the kids they were carrot chips since they look like wavy potato chips. They thought it was hilarious and was snacking on them the whole time I was making lunches. Score!
served in the yumbox
Thursday: Hummus and Carrot Chips in a whole wheat pita, a deviled egg, cheese stars, veggies and applesauce. What can I say, my kids will eat the carrots until the bag is gone in any way, shape or form!
Friday: Hummus and veggies to dip (red bell pepper, carrot chips and sugar snap peas), a chocolate chip walnut cookie, cheese sticks, dried fruit and these sweet potato crackers:
I found these at Costco and they are dangerously addictive! I may have eaten 1/4 of the bag driving home from Costco. The kids loved them, I obviously loved them and they're really good with hummus and guacamole! If you see them be sure to pick up a box!
If you need more Lunchbox inspiration here are the quick links to the previous weeks:
What funny name have you made up to get your kids to eat something? I'd love to hear about it!

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