Monday, January 26, 2015

Little's Lunches 7

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! This past week the kids had off of school on Monday and we had family in town, so no lunch box that day!
Tuesday: Cheese Quesedillas, potato salad, veggies, mango and a mini banana nut muffin
Wednesday: Make your own mini bagel pizza, yogurt and a fruit snack
Thursday: Deviled eggs, pickles, garbanzo beans, potato salad, baby carrots with Ranch and nectarine slices
Friday: Chicken Apple Gouda Sausages, jicama sticks, veggie straws, nectarines and a yogurt
If you have more than one child do they typically have the same likes and dislikes? Because my kids are completely opposite. It kinda drives me nuts. If you've followed my past Little's Lunches (123, 45, 6) you can see that M is picky with fruit and B is picky with veggies. I'm working constantly to introduce new foods in new ways to them and, as a whole, am truly blessed with how willing they are to try it all. Here are a few suggestions of how I try to get rid of any hesitation one of them might have when it comes to being adventurous and trying new foods: 
 1. Cutting things in a different shape- I cut the jicama this week into sticks instead of cubes so it would be easy to dip and I called it jicama fries
2. serving it with a dip- Ranch, marinara, yogurt, hummus or Ants on a Log Dip
3. Calling something by a new name especially if it's silly (for B) or gross (for M) makes them more willing to dig in
4. cute containers- different colored silicone muffin cups help keep foods separate, bright and colorful
5. Making a "do it yourself" lunchable- B might not want to eat green bell peppers by themselves, but when it's a topping for a mini pizza she gets to put together they are willingly gobbled up

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