Monday, January 19, 2015

Little's Lunches 6

Happy Monday! This weekend was Brianna's birthday party and I can't wait to share the cake and treats I made for her and her friends with you on Wednesday. Here's what was for lunch this week: 
 Monday: Peanut butter and raisins on a whole wheat English muffin, cheese sticks, edemame and pineapple chunks
 Tuesday: Tuna Salad, Edemame, veggie sticks, applesauce, dried cranberries, baby carrots and sliced mushrooms in the yumbox
 Wednesday: My kids begged for Ants on a Log Dip again so I packed that with a mini whole wheat bagel, baby carrots, mandarin oranges for M and pineapple for B, yogurt tubes, sweet potato crackers for M and trail mix for B 
Thursday: Edemame Cowboy Caviar, Shredded Cheese, Veggie Sticks, baby carrots with Ranch and applesauce in the yumbox
Friday: Breakfast for Lunch! Peanutbutter and jelly on a whole wheat English muffin, bacon, mandarin oranges and  cereal trail mix (PB puffins, cheerios, peanuts, dried cranberries, raisins) 


  1. I totally forgot about those Peanut Butter puffins - I used to buy them and eat them as a snack - so good! Glad your daughters party went well!


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