Saturday, January 3, 2015

Last Day in Disney

On our last day we headed back to Disneyland to try to hit all of the fun things we missed the first day. We started off with the Nemo Submarine ride. I am so glad we did this first thing, because at the end of the day the wait was over 75 minutes long!
 After Nemo we wandered around and ended up in New Orleans. A Jazz Band was playing right in front of this little café that said "try our gumbo" but when Louis looked at the menu he said it was steak gumbo. Um, no thanks.
We headed over to Pirate's of the Caribbean, did Star Tours and Toy Story again...and again. Met a few fairies, flew on elephants and even met a few villans
I have to say, if you ever find yourself at Disney don't miss the villans! There's usually not a long line for them like the princesses and Mickey and friends but I promise you they are hilarious and not to be missed. The people at Disney never break character no matter what questions you ask them and The Evil Queen was no exception. Brianna had a pin of the evil queen on her lanyard and when she showed it to her the woman said "well at least you have decent taste. Now turn around, your mother wants a shot of your face, not your behind" in her best evil voice, then after they took the pic Brianna said thank you to her and her reply was "the pleasure was all yours, I'm sure of it"
Brianna was giggling the entire time!
For lunch we stopped at took a picture with Mary Poppins and Bert and then ate at The Jolly Holiday Café it was pretty cold that day, so Louis, Marshall and I all go the Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese and Brianna got the kid's Macaroni & Cheese served with Sliced Apples and juice box. I love that with most kid's meals come with fruit and veggies and at the quick service places they come sealed in single serving bags which are perfect to take with you to snack on later. The soup was really good even though it was a small portion, and with the weather being so cold it really hit the spot!
 After lunch, Louis took Marshall to do all the activities that he wanted to do again, and I took Brianna to stand in line and meet the princesses. Again.
It's so funny to me that each time she met them she reacted the same way- excited, shy and totally in love with them all. It also really surprises me that she never said anything about the fact that each time she met them they have a different face! haha! I was totally expecting one of the kids to realize that each Cinderella we met looked different, but they never did!
For dinner we stopped at the Village Haus Restaurant The kids and Louis got cheeseburgers and I got their BLT Flatbread Pizza- Thin Flatbread Crust, Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon, Mozzarella Cheese, Caramlized Onions, and Marinated Tomatoes Topped with Arugula and Shaved Fennel. It was so yummy! I would totally get this again and plan to make my own version of this at home. The shaved fennel was delicious and I love arugula so I was happy! The only thing I wasn't happy about was the service. This was the only place in the entire park on our entire trip where customer service was lacking. The food took forever and the three girls standing at the counter with their backs to us just chatting like they weren't at work at all really annoyed me. That is not typical of Disney, so maybe that's why it annoyed me so much. At least my food was good when I got it!
That night we used our pass to view Fantasmic
Going into it I thought it was just going to be another fireworks show, but this was so much more and really awesome to watch! Using the passes we had we were able to sit in the second row and had no trouble seeing the show. The kids loved it and it was so cute to see them waving at all the characters that passed us by.
All bundled together with cotton candy before the show! 
This trip was so wonderful and I was sad on our last night that it was already over! I know I will never be able to convince Louis to go to Disney again so my plan is to win a trip there, that way he can't say no! Have you been to a Disney Resort before? If so, what was the most magical moment you had?

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