Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Frozen 6th Birthday Party

My baby girl turned 6.
I'm still confused how that happened so quickly.
To celebrate, she requested a Frozen themed birthday party, just like every other little girl in the country. I had fun creating the cake and treats for her special day and on the car ride home she declared it was the best birthday party she ever had.
Every year, as usual, I made her cake while she was sleeping and then waited to "reveal" it to her when it was finished the next morning. I adore seeing my kid's faces when they finally see their cakes. The hours and effort I take creating something just for them is totally worth it when I see their smile. This year, I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed. I was pleased with the way the cake came out and really thought she was going to be thrilled to see it. Once she saw it, she never really said anything. I kept waiting and there was just ......nothing. What a freaking letdown!
Later on, my mom was talking to her upstairs and told her "you really should tell your mom thank you for making such a pretty cake for your party" and B's reply was "she already knows"
My mom was confused and said "how would she know if you never told her?"
B said "my mom reads my mind. She knows I love it, because everything I want, she knows without me saying. Everything I wanted on a cake she already knew because she reads my mind"
I wish that her theory was true, but sadly I can't read her mind. I am glad that she's pretty certain that I can though, since all of her wishes were granted as far as the cake was concerned.
I started with a basic chocolate cake with vanilla white icing and did a fine mist of the silver color mist all over the cake. Then I stuck large shards of blue ice looking sugar candy I made (instructions for that are here) Then I took a stencil of swirls and sprayed the swirls on with a blue color mist spray
I took a small blue candy cane, crushed it finely and sprinkled that around the base of the candy shards that were sticking up an then placed some silver sixlet type candies I found at party city around the cake as well. I cheated and used plastic dolls for the cake toppers that I found at Target and the glittery number candle was $1 at Wal-Mart. For the trees I used pointy ice cream cones and piped green icing onto them with a small star tip, then I sprinkled powdered sugar on top of them for the snow. I finished it off with a few edible snow flakes and a little Olaf figurine
 For decorations on the table I had found these wooden snowflake tree toppers and World Market on clearance for $2 a piece and the cardboard snowflakes at Michael's for $1. I sprayed all of them with silver glitter spray paint and used them on the food table
For one of the snacks, we had "Melted Olaf"
vanilla yogurt, chocolate arms, candy eye balls and an orange tic tac
 We also had marshmallow "snowballs", snowflake shaped Ritz crackers and cheese cut out with a snowflake cookie cutter
I had cute little labels printed from here to go on the mini water bottles
and printed these cards to make food signs for "Sven's Snacks"- baby carrots with three cheese Ranch

We had the party at a cute art studio and all the kids got to paint their own canvas picture
 They had a great time and I was really impressed with how well the pictures came out from each of them! They were so proud to show off their work
 As soon as we got home she passed out on the couch!
It's exhausting being a princess


  1. OMG, what a great job you did for her party! I am sure she loved every minute of it! Great job!

    1. Thanks Biz! I always have fun putting parties together for the kids :)

  2. Superb frozen birthday party. I am so happy to see this. The cake is just wonderful and all the food items are mouth watering. Want to have similar theme party for my daughter’s birthday party that will throw at one of venue New York. Would love to use your ideas there. Thanks for the post.


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