Monday, April 13, 2015

Little's Lunches 16

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!
I had a great weekend, I hope y'all did too.
 About a month ago I signed up for a food photography class and I finally got to go this weekend. It was such an inspiring afternoon and I really learned a lot. Come back on Wednesday and I'll tell you all about it!
After class, I went home and as soon as I pulled up I noticed there was something in the backyard. The kids were so excited, B tried her hardest to convince us to catch it and keep it but we resisted and let him hop away.....I think maybe I've been living out here too long when I seriously am considering catching wild bunnies and getting chickens.
I'm also super excited to be getting my ipad mini in the mail this week for the Avocados from Mexico contest!! I have already declared this a kid free device......we'll see how long that lasts!
Here's what I packed in the lunchboxes this week:
 Monday: I found these containers at Michael's for 88 cents a piece! If the kids break or lose them it won't be a huge deal and I like the size of the compartments. I'll probably go back this week and get a few more. I packed a turkey and cream cheese tortilla roll up, baby carrots, cucumber and mushroom slices, ranch to dip and dried cranberries and cashews
 Tuesday: Turkey slices, French bread, green beans and baby carrots, honey mustard dip, dried apple trail mix and yogurt in the yumbox
Wednesday: Baby Kale and Spinach Quesedillas, hard boiled egg, baby carrots and green beans and strawberries
Thursday: Artichoke and Parmesan Chicken Sausages, mustard to dip, hard boiled egg, baby carrots and cucumber slices, and homemade trail mix granola bars (recipe coming soon)
Friday: Artichoke and Parmesan Chicken Sausages, cheese sticks, cornbread, baby carrots
 and prunes
If you have a moment this week, and need a delicious healthy spin on a Mexican favorite, go check out my entry for Greek Style Baked Turkey Taquitos with Tzatziki Drizzle. If you like them, leave a comment for me. The judges are busy testing out our recipes and I'd love them to see what my friends think of them! Thanks so much!!

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