Monday, April 6, 2015

Little's Lunches 15

Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a great weekend and Easter Sunday!
Ours was super busy, as usual, and I celebrated my birthday on Friday. It was filled with delicious food and lots of spoiling, which was perfect! Here's what was in our lunchboxes this week:
Monday: My parents had been in town for the weekend to visit for my birthday. I went out with friends one night to celebrate and then Louis and I went to see a concert the next night, so by the time Monday morning rolled around I had no energy and no groceries. I felt really guilty about it, but the kids were SO excited to get hot lunch. Even though I didn't pack a lunch, they ate as soon as they got off the bus. My dad had brought an entire Muffeletta from one of my favorite little hole in the wall restaurants in New Orleans, R&O's so we had an awesome after school snack!
Tuesday:: cubed turkey, triscuits, trail mix, dried apple slices, yellow wax beans and olives and jelly bellies in the yumbox
 Wednesday: Turkey Tortilla Roll Ups, ginormous strawberries, a whole wheat fig bar and celery sticks with Ranch
 Thursday: Kale and Baby Spinach Salad with cucumber, tomato, carrot, cheese and ranch, cheddar cheese rice cakes and homemade trail mix granola bars
Friday: Turkey and Cucumber Sushi Roll Ups, baby carrots, hard boiled egg, ranch and a homemade trail mix granola bar

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  1. Well, I am sure they liked getting a hot lunch, but your food looks way better! Glad you had a nice birthday!


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