Monday, April 20, 2015

Little's Lunches 17

Happy Monday! This morning the kids had dentist appointments that took for-ev-er so I'm just getting around to posting today. There were no cavities for them, and I didn't pass out or gag, so I call this dentist visit a success! Here's what I packed in our lunchboxes last week:
Monday: Sliced ham, cucumbers and baby carrots, potato salad, ranch dip, cheddar cheese rice cakes and dried apple chips all packed in the yumbox
Tuesday: Ham and Honey Mustard Tortilla Wraps, cheese sticks, ranch and baby carrots and dried cranberries
Wednesday: Sliced ham, cheddar cheese rice cakes, salsa ranch, broccoli, yellow sweet peppers and yellow grape tomatoes, blackberries and strawberries and coconut pomegranate bars in the yumbox- the coconut pomegranate bars I found in the bulk bins section at HEB and the kids LOVED them! As soon as they got off the bus they were asking where I got them and if I had more- totally yummy!
Thursday: Turkey and Hummus sandwiches, ranch dip, broccoli and sweet baby bell pepper slices and blackberries
Friday: Turkey Rolls, Sweet Potato Focaccia Bread, cashews, veggie chips, blackberries and yellow sweet baby bell peppers, dried pineapple slices and the last of the coconut pomegranate bars in the yumbox
This weekend was busy for us, as always! My son made his first communion, my in-laws were in town and Louis and I even got to sneak away for an evening to meet some friends and  check out a new neighborhood food truck park, The Rusty Mule! It was perfect weather, and we really enjoyed ourselves. The  place is huge with many different seating areas, places for the kids to play, fire pits, roaming chickens and a full bar. There are four trailers to choose from: one is the bar, a cupcake stand, a Mexican taqueria and we ate at Chico & The Fox
Louis got the "Threesome"- Shaved ham, pulled pork and bacon splashed with spicy honey mustard and I got the loaded wedge fries- seasoned fries topped with pulled pork, green onion, pickled jalapenos, red bell pepper and a sriracha greek yogurt sauce
The whole time we were there I kept telling Louis how much fun it would be to get my own food truck and park myself in can always dream, right?

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