Monday, March 9, 2015

Little's Lunches 13

Happy Monday! My kids are totally confused with the loss of an hour this weekend and were completely convinced I had brought them to the bus stop in the middle of the night! Here's what was in their lunches last week:
Monday: Breakfast for Lunch! Vanilla yogurt, frozen strawberries and blueberries, pistachios, trek trail mix, raisin bread and dried apple slices in the yumbox
 Tuesday: Goldfish, dried apple slices, pistachios, cubed sweet potato, whole wheat peanut butter sandwich swirls, red bell pepper slices in the yumbox
 Wednesday: Turkey Sandwich Sliders on whole wheat buns, Trek trail mix, dried apple slices, olives and red bell pepper slices with ranch
Thursday: on Wednesday evening I got an email, phone call and text message telling me that school was closed the next day due to "Inclement weather". Well, of course, we didn't have school so M woke up extra early at 5:15, and the sun was out all day long. No ice, no rain, no snow. Being home, we didn't pack lunchboxes and had leftover Stromboli! I will be sharing this recipe soon, it was absolute cheesy deliciousness!
Friday: B had a field trip so we literally had to brown bag hers, and I couldn't send an ice pack so we had PB&J on whole wheat bread, baby carrots and dried apple slices

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