Monday, March 2, 2015

Little's Lunches 12

Good morning! I don't know about you, but I am SO glad it's Monday! My son was sick last week and ALL weekend and I am so glad he's back to school today! It's like my kids have a sensor and whenever my husband is away for the weekend, that's when they get sick. I feel like I should have received a medal just for holding it all together this weekend. While I wait for that, let me show you what was in the little's lunchboxes last week:
Monday: BLT on a whole wheat bun, baby carrots, cucumber and red bell pepper slices with blackberries and mini shortbread cookies
Tuesday: Pasta Salad, bacon, cucumber sticks and baby spinach with ranch, blackberries and strawberry yogurt in the yumbox
 Wednesday: Chicken Bacon Egg Salad on baby spinach, pretzels, blackberries and yogurt
 Thursday: Chicken Bacon Egg Salad, crackers, asparagus, blackberries, dried cranberries and key lime yogurt in the yumbox
Friday: Tomato and Havarti cheese sandwich, baby carrots, blackberries and chocolate Belvita cookie sticks
I sent this lunch on Friday with B and knew that M wouldn't be at school so I didn't pack him a lunch. Since it takes a year and a half to see the doctor, and the only appointment they could squeeze us in for was right at lunch time we were both starving once we got out. Knowing that it takes the same amount of time to get a prescription filled and taking into account that the prescription that they were giving my already ravenous 8 year old was for a steroid which has made him a hyped up bottomless pit, we stopped at our favorite taco shop for lunch. He got a bean and cheese taco the size of his head and I got the Skallywag:
Coconut-battered shrimp, bacon, green chiles, shredded Monterey Jack cheese & pickled onions, topped with homemade Habanero Peach Jam and cilantro. Holy mother of delicious taconess this was so amazingly good! I will definitely be re-creating this in my kitchen soon!
Tell me what fun things you did this weekend!

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