Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Ordinary Burger

I realize it's only May, but here in Austin summer temps are already making themselves at home. Humid muggy heat is not pleasant, so most afternoons the only way to pass the time with the kids is with blow up pools, sprinklers and frosty drinks.
And since you are already out there you might as well light up the grill and make dinner outside too, right? That's what summer is all about!
The people at Johnsonville seem to agree and are looking for the best recipe to go with their fabulous new burger patties.
I entered the contest- no shocker there, right? I just can't pass up a burger competition especially when the prizes are so fabulous!
So here I am begging for your vote for my burger
 This is my Italian mix up of Johnsonville's Mild Italian Sausage patty with Provolone cheese on a buttery, toasted ciabatta bun with arugula, herbed lemon ricotta spread and a Puttanesca style spread.
If you've never heard of puttanesca before, it is a salty olive and tomato based sauce that is zesty, quick and easy....kind of like the Italian "Madams" of the night who would make it and put it on their windowsill to lure their patrons in late at night........are you following me yet?? They may not have been very virtuous but they knew how to make a good sauce that people couldn't refuse.
So The Melty Madame it is, I hope it's just as irresistible as the women it was named after!
The recipe with the most votes by midnight on July 3 will be named the Contest’s “Fan Favorite” and will get a guaranteed spot in the final cook-off … with the opportunity to win the $10,000 Grand Prize! 
The cookoff is in New York- I've never been there before.....
Will you help me change that? Please?

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