Monday, February 4, 2019

Little's Lunches

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
This week, my lunch boxes are filled with a mix of leftovers and fill-ins. What I mean by that is, almost every evening, after dinner whatever leftovers I know will be good cold go into the lunches first- this week we had grilled sausages and chicken which my kids like sliced and dipped in either ketchup or BBQ sauce. Then whatever veggies or salads we have will go in followed by fruit or a snack or treat like cheese sticks, crackers or an occasional (but very rare) candy. Always packing lunchboxes the night before, and using up leftovers helps me lower my stress in the morning while getting my kids ready for school and our overall grocery bill!

Monday: Mixed Green Salad, prunes, pretzels, chicken salad
Tuesday: slices of grilled smoked sausage, green beans, BBQ sauce, triscuits, dried raisin mix, cheese stick
Wednesday: slices of grilled smoked sausage, green beans, BBQ sauce, blueberries, cherry tomatoes,  cheese stick
Thursday: leftover grilled chicken slices, sweet potato salad, mini sweet peppers, cucumber slices, mixed olives, strawberries, apple wedges
Friday: leftover grilled chicken slices, sweet potato salad, ketchup, yellow bell peppers, baby tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi

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