Monday, January 28, 2019

Little's Lunches

Happy Monday! Here's another week of lunchbox ideas!
 Monday: sliced deli turkey, orzo pasta salad, triscuits, raisins, dried apple slices, salami and black olives
 Tuesday: Smoked Turkey, black grapes and pineapple, ranch, cucumber, carrot, yellow bell pepper, baby tomatoes, pepperoni and honey wheat pretzel sticks
 Wednesday: Turkey and cream cheese tortilla roll up, fruit on the go fruit strip, carrots, cucumber and red bell pepper, chocolate goldfish, cutie orange
 Thursday: baked ham cubes, triscuits, baby carrots, moon cheese, ranch, applesauce
Friday: Baked ham, triscuits, ranch, dried pears, Mexican corn salad, black olives and sliced carrots

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