Monday, January 14, 2019

Little's Lunches

 Finally, the kids are back in school and in their regular routine! Here's a few lunchbox ideas to help you through the week!
 Monday: goldfish crackers, graham crackers, dried apricots, sliced olives and sweet mini bell peppers, cheddar cheese cubes, sliced deli ham
 Tuesday: edamame, applesauce, cheddar cheese cubes, muenster cheese, baby tomatoes and mini sweet bell pepper slices, Southwest Bean Salad Panzanella
 Wednesday: Chicken salad and bacon flatbread sandwich, dried apple slices, goldfish crackers, a Hershey kiss
 Thursday: Triscuit crackers, chicken salad, dried cranberries, broccoli and red bell pepper slices, Babybel Gouda cheese
Friday: My daughter packed this for herself! Grilled chicken sausages, triscuits, bell peppers, tomatoes, olives and cucumbers, ranch dip, dried fruit leather, leftover cheeses from our cheese tray appetizer and a mini milky way

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