Friday, April 15, 2011

Cucumber Cutie Cocktail

I've been lucky enough to have moved into a neighborhood full of amazing families and wonderful fellow moms. We are all in different stages of life, and hanging out with them is always a blast. Sometimes on a lazy afternoon or after a really trying day we will meet in the cul-de-sac for "happy hour" while the kids play. I am not a beer drinker, so a fruity cocktail is much more my speed. 
I brought this with me Wednesday evening after seeing a picture of a Pimm's cup but not having Pimm's liquor or gin I knew I had to go a different route. The cucumber and mint make the drink so refreshing and a little unexpected while the cutie orange juice gives it just the right amount of sweetness. 
I am in love with cocktails that have a savory aspect to them, and have tried many lately that have been giving me inspiration like the grilled thyme, preserved lemon and prosecco at Uchiko; sage and grapefruit smash at Jack Allen's and a jalapeno infused margarita at Chuy's to name a few. As I tell you about how well the different components go together in this drink (In the hopes that you will try it yourself and love it as much as I do) I have to be honest- this was also part of my attempt to clean out the fridge before leaving too! I had a 5 pound box of cutie oranges staring at me and half of an English cucumber to use up and I think this was the perfect way to use them! What's your favorite drink to enjoy with friends?

Cucumber Cutie Cocktail
a fleur de-lectable original

2 large mint sprigs
4 thick slices english cucumber
2 oz. vodka
1/4 cup cutie orange juice
1 Tbsp agave nectar

In a large cocktail shaker top 1 large mint sprig and 3 slices of cucumber with crushed ice. Muddle with the handle of a wooden kitchen spoon until mint and cucmber are broken up. Top with vodka, orange juice and agave. Shake and strain into your serving glass, Garnish with remaining cucumber and mint.


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