Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baked Mini Corn Dogs

Baked Mini Corn Dogs recipe

I mentioned before about my attempt at clearing out the fridge and freezer before going out of town so no food goes to waste. Well, I guess I'm better at it than I thought because now we really have nothing in the fridge and with a last minute change of plans last night I also had a friend's little boy over to play with the kids and was wondering what I was going to feed them. I had some low fat turkey hot dogs in the freezer, so I decided to make these corn dogs. My kids love corn dogs, and this is a recipe that lets them have the food they like while I know it's still nutritious.
Not counting the time you sit the dough aside to rise, this is a very quick and easy to put together recipe. The kids loved them and they didn't last long at all. Since they were all eaten I didn't get to test it out, but I'm sure that they could be baked and frozen for a quick snack. Next time I'll be baking a double batch!


  1. Is there a special recipe you use?

  2. Yes!! Click on the highlighted "Baked Mini Corn Dogs recipe" line and it will take you right to it ;)

  3. Awesome! My little bother would love this! Just like piggies in a blanket!


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