Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

This past weekend was my husband's birthday and I was determined to surprise him and make it the best weekend I could. I researched bike stands and bike tool kits weeks before making sure I was getting the right thing even though I know nothing about bikes or what would make them work better. I found, interviewed and set up a fabulous new babysitter without him having a clue all so I could bring him to an amazing restaurant that he swears everyone in Austin has been to except him.

Uchi is "that" restaurant in Austin. Everyone raves about it; the service, the decor, the food and especially the desserts. Even knowing that we were going to one of the best restaurants in Austin with a fantastic pastry chef creating one of a kind desserts, I just couldn't let there be no cake at home waiting for us. I just couldn't.

Knowing how much my husband loves chocolate I decided to make a triple chocolate mousse cake. It is a rich, dense bittersweet chocolate cake topped with a chocolate mousse and then a layer of white chocolate mousse. Of course, for any sane person it would be perfectly acceptable to stop here..........but no, I also decided to make chocolate ice cream to go with it.

Saturday night comes, the fabulous new babysitter gets here, I come downstairs dressed and ready to show her last minute things before heading out the door, and it happens...............our son starts puking everywhere. Apparently there is a really bad stomach bug being passed around right now, and Saturday was our night to be hit with it. I am sure this will not be the last time one of our kids being sick will cause us to change our plans for the evening, but I am so glad we had this waiting for us in the fridge when it happened!

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  1. that looks so AMAZING!!! i had no idea you were a cook/baker & a blogger! love it!! ;)


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