Thursday, June 2, 2011

Banana Pudding Pudding Pops

Do you remember my fabulous fellow foodie mama Emme from The Kid Can Cook ? Well, she is doing a review of and a giveaway for Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter which looks like it's full of delicious ways to keep cool through this already scary hot summer season. After seeing her inspired pops with flavors like Rockstar Pops with Strawberry Agave Jam, Rooibos Red Tea Immunity Pops and Mexican Spiced Fire Pops it made me want to create my own chilly treat.
 Bananas are something that are always on the grocery list. Between the kids, Louis' training and all of the various banana breads I bake we go through a ton of them. The funny thing is I don't eat them. At all. It's all because of a terrible medicine that I was forced to take when I was little that was a fake rotten banana flavor from an evil pharamacist. Obviously this has scarred me and I have not been able to eat a banana since.
 Well, last weekend we were at a friend's house boiling crawfish and she made a huge pan of banana pudding. 
I am not in any way exaggerating when I call this pan huge.
Within thirty minutes of her bringing it out the entire pan was gone. As people were talking about how good it was I stole a bite from Louis' piled high plate.

I'm not going to lie and say I was in love with it- but my kids definitely did and for being a banana based dessert, it was pretty good. They are super easy to make, and the kids didn't take long to devour them.

Banana Pudding Pudding Pops
1 box instant vanilla pudding
1 3/4 cup milk
2/3 cup chopped banana
10 vanilla wafers, cut into 4

In a mixing bowl whisk pudding mix and cold milk together for 2 minutes until thick.
Stir banana pieces into pudding mix.
Fill popsicle molds halfway with banana pudding
Top with vanilla wafer pieces and then fill with remaining pudding
Freeze until ready to serve

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