Monday, April 1, 2019

Little's Lunches

Happy Monday and April Fool's Day!
My son thinks he's hilarious and decided to scare me half to death by getting out of bed early and waiting for me in the corner of his room then jumped out screaming when I went to his bed to wake him up this morning. I just about died as he laughed uncontrollably. I'm not sure if my heart can take any more surprises today!
I'm SO excited to share with you something new I came up with for lunchboxes this week!!
I call it "Sandwich Sushi" and it's a great gluten free option to use up scraps of veggies lying around and presents traditional lunch meats in a new way!! All you do is lay down your deli meat 
(ham, turkey, roast beef- whatever) then top it with sliced cheese (meunster, cheddar, havarti, pepper jack) and lay on some veggies (pickle, red and yellow bell pepper, cucumber, carrot) and roll it up like a sushi roll, slice and serve! I think the possibilities are endless with this idea and there are so many options to change it up. My kids really loved them and I think they're beautiful! 
What would your kiddos want in their Sandwich Sushi? I'd love to hear your suggestions!!  
 Monday: fruit chew bar, meunster cheese squares, Parmesan Cheese Star Crackers, ranch, bell pepper slices, watermelon
Tuesday: fruit chew bar, Parmesan Cheese Star Crackers, carrot coins, watermelon, Sandwich Sushi- ham, meunster, pickle, red and yellow bell pepper 
Wednesday: celery, baby tomatoes, ranch, olives, watermelon, black beans with cheese
Thursday: ham and meunster on an onion bun, celery sticks and ranch, fruit leather
Friday: Yogurt Berry Star Crackers, watermelon, black olives, baguette, Sandwich Sushi- ham, white cheddar, cucumber and red bell pepper 

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