Monday, July 8, 2019

Summer Grilling

Right now, Pepperidge Farm is hosting a contest called 
They're looking for the most delicious cook-out worthy burgers and hot dogs using their buns and the winners will get $10,000! I shared all of my entries from last year HERE and today, I'm sharing all of the entries I created for this year. I'm really hoping that one of them catches the judges eyes!
Which one would you pick?

Chicago Dog Burgers - “drag it through the garden” Chicago style! This all beef grilled burger is loaded down with yellow mustard, hot dog relish, fresh tomato slices dusted with celery seed, diced onion and pickle slices. All this goodness is served on a toasty @pepperidgefarm Onion Hamburger Buns with Poppy Seeds and topped with a sport pepper! 

Greek Salad Burgers – I took Onion Hamburger Buns and lightly spread them with butter, dusted them with Greek Seasoning and broiled them until light brown and toasty. Layer it up with a creamy feta cheese mayo, shredded lettuce and red onion. A perfectly grilled all beef burger is then stacked with fresh tomato and cucumber slices, kalamata olives and jalapeno hummus! 

The Dragon Roll Dog – I took Top Sliced Hot Dog Buns and lightly toasted them, added a perfectly grilled hot dog and then loaded it down with everything from our favorite spicy sushi roll! Fresh jalapeno rings, krab salad, crunchy cucumber, crispy tempura bits, sriracha mayo and sesame seeds

Jalapeno Popper Dogs-  I took Top Sliced Hot Dog Buns lightly toasted them, and filled them with all the flavors of your favorite spicy bar snack! A crispy bacon wrapped hot dog is topped off by jalapeno slices, crispy fried jalapenos and it’s all cooled down by a creamy chive and onion cream cheese 

Fried Pickle Dogs -At my house, we are pickle fanatics. Dill, sweet, bread and butter and most definitely fried! So why not make those the main event? Grilled all beef hot dogs topped with relish, fried pickles and ranch dip all piled on a golden potato hotdog bun! 

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