Friday, October 26, 2018

Little's Lunches

Happy Friday! I can't believe Halloween is right around the corner. October literally flew by, right?!
Hopefully this week's post will get you through the sugar filled late night next week!
On days like Halloween, Christmas and Valentines when the kids are having class parties and treats all day long I really try to boost the protein in their lunch and breakfast to offset all the junk I know they'll get when they're celebrating. I also waited until today to buy Halloween candy so it wouldn't sit there tempting me this past week. What's the first thing you steal from your kiddos Trick or Treat bags? I don't have a big sweet tooth, but Heath Bars and Caramel M&Ms get me every time!

 Monday: Sliced Deli Ham, Babybel Gouda Cheese, shredded carrots, wheat thins, Moon Cheese, Coleslaw, dried cranberries, watermelon
 Tuesday: Triscuits, baby tomatoes, yogurt tube, edemame, cubed roasted turkey, blackberries
 Wednesday: cubed roasted turkey, pretzels, BBQ sauce, roasted broccoli, baby carrots, fruit to go bar, yogurt tube
 Thursday: Pretzels, Green Chile Ham Hush Puppies, celery and carrot slices with black olives, blackberries, apple slices, Meunster cheese squares
 Friday: Turkey and meunster cheese flatbread sandwiches, raisins, blackberries, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes

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