Monday, May 11, 2015

Little's Lunches 20

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had as good of a Mother's Day as I did! My hubby and kids spoiled me the whole day and I loved every minute of it! I got to sleep in, and enjoyed my coffee by myself in a quiet house, then they took me to brunch were I had all of my favorite things- mimosas, pork belly, oysters and chocolate mousse.....and no dishes to wash! It was perfect!
This week for lunches we had:
Monday: edemame and baby carrots, ranch, Potato Salad, broccoli and cucumber, coconut bites and cooked apples
Tuesday: Spinach Cheese Squares (recipe here), crackers and cheese, blackberries, strawberries, baby carrots and cucumber slices
Wednesday: Hard Boiled Egg, crackers, broccoli and olives, cooked apples, coconut bites, blackberries and strawberries
Thursday: Peanut Butter and Jelly on a whole wheat bun, blackberries, coconut chips and broccoli salad (recipe here)
 Friday: Broccoli Salad, pita bread, jicama sticks, ranch, blackberries, cucumber slices and hard boiled egg

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