Monday, October 3, 2011

Burgers on the Brain

I have burgers on the brain 
and not much else for that matter
I went for a jog the other day and instead of thinking healthy thoughts of how good the exercise is for me, or how pretty the day was or how glad I was that the weather is no longer 8,000 degrees I went through the steps of cooking my burger to practice for the big day.
That big day is a week from today and I will be cooking my burger every night until I leave
Practice makes perfect right?!
 They posted the recipes and pictures of all the finalists and their burgers here
they made it look amazing, didn't they?!

Another big day is also on the horizon,
two beautiful friends that I love dearly are getting married and Louis and I hosted an engagement party to celebrate. It was an awesome night and I hope the happy couple enjoyed being surrounded by the friends that love them. Since I will be cooking nothing but my burger for the next week I thought I'd take this time to share with you what I served for their party
 Every party needs a cake and I wanted a fun way to be able to display what I baked so I made a cake tower to put everything on. I covered three cardboard cake plates with silver grease proof wrap and then attached ribbon to the edges of each one
 I covered two cans, one regular sized and one large with scrapbook paper that matched the rest of the decorations I was using
And I hot glued it all together
I was really happy with how it came out
The groom loves coconut so the cake at the top was a chocolate cake with coconut icing
The mini cupcakes were lemon and almond
Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you what's in the shot glasses!

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