Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marshall's Robot Party

It's official; he's 5
I tried my best to make time slow down but it didn't work
we had a small party at the gym to celebrate and I went with a Robot theme
The cake was chocolate with toasted marshmallow filling and vanilla frosting
I felt a little guilty walking into the gym with a large cake as people on bikes and treadmills were all around me staring and I knew I had no intention of doing any sort of physical activity that day
I think I enjoyed myself a lot more than they did
As I've mentioned before I have a small tradition that I've started with my kids for their birthday cakes
I decorate the cake and make sure they don't see it until it's completely finished
then I get a picture of their face the first time they see it
it's something that's more for me I guess.....the best payback in the world in my opinion
staying up late working on something for them and seeing the excitement and pure joy on their face at their first glance. The first one is a little out of focus but you get the idea ;)
Getting ready to make a wish
I'm realizing that in most pictures my mouth is wide open
not very attractive
I need to work on that
the kids were served pizza and I made wraps and a veggie tray for the adults
whole grain wraps, smoked turkey, provolone and swiss cheese, fresh spinach and a sun dried tomato spread
going with the silver, red and blue color scheme I wrapped an aluminum can with scrapbook paper to hold the utensils
the gym games were so much fun!
scooter races, an obstacle course and basketball
Many of the adults got in on the fun too!
The favors were slinkies, wind up robots, a stamp, a stretchy robot and candy
the bag toppers I printed for free from a cute blog that I found while searching for a little Robot inspiration
here is the link if you'd like to make some for yourself:  Robot Party Favor Bag Printable


  1. we had a blast, and that cake was delicious!!! you're amazing.

  2. We had a great time too! Tell Marshall he is the perfect host ;) Beautiful cake (and tasty too - I snuck a couple bites of X's) and wonderful food. Thanks so much for having us!

  3. You're fabulous and amazingly creative!

  4. What an adorable cake! You are so creative and it was nice to meet you tonight! Can't wait to try some of your recipes. :)

  5. What a cute cake! You are so creative and it was really nice to meet you tonight. I can't wait to try some of your recipes! :)

  6. Lisa, it was great meeting you too! I loved checking out your gorgeous kiddos and am a little obsessed with the pillow you made for your daughter's room, totally gorgeous!


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