Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pulled Pork Muffulettas

Smithfield Pork is hosting their Shake It Up Contest and they asked for people to send in their best ideas and pictures of ways to Shake Up dinner in your kitchen using their pork products. 
Having grown up in New Orleans, my love for muffulettas runs deep and I knew immediately what I would make for this challenge - Pulled Pork Muffulettas

This contest wanted a picture and a brief description of your recipe idea. Here's what I submitted:

"I shake up a New Orleans classic by filling my Muffulettas with Smithfield Pork Butt instead of deli meats! Dusted with Cajun seasoning, slow cooked and shredded, the pork is the star of the show! Pile on toasted buns, top with provolone cheese and olive relish and dinner is ready in no time!"

I'm thrilled to say that I was chosen as one of the Top 20 Finalists and the prize is a $100 gift card. The grand prize winner gets $5,000 (WHAT?!?!) and was supposed to be announced on the 20th. I will not tell you the embarrassing amount of times I've checked to see if it's been announced yet but I will say that I have my fingers crossed that they pick my dish as the winner. Wish me luck!!

Update!! Unfortunately, I did not win the grand prize but my fabulously talented friend Lidia H. did and I'm so very happy for her! Congrats Lidia on a job well done!

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