Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sensational S'mores

Recently I took part in a S'mores contest on Instagram put on by The Feed Feed and Ghirardelli. To say that my kids were thrilled is a huge understatement! I was so honored to have been chosen as a finalist in their contest. I didn't win, but my kids sure felt like they did!
Here are my entries:
This one was my absolute favorite! I picked up an apple fritter from the bakery, sliced it in half and warmed it up. Sandwich it with a Caramel Chocolate square and a roasted marshmallow and you will be in ooey-goooey caramel apple fritter heaven!
I called this one The Crispy Camper. I used crispy granola bars in place of graham crackers and used the caramel chocolate squares. This might be the only thing I like about camping....
On the first day of school I had this fun treat waiting for the kids after picking them up. I made Funfetti Blondies and then sandwiched it with dark chocolate squares and roasted marshmallows. Throw some more sprinkles on top and you'll be party ready! 
This is the one that was picked as a finalist entry. My son LOVES all things coconut and I was thinking about the Girl Scout Samoa cookies when I came up with this one. I made coconut macaroons and paired them with chocolate caramel squares and toasted giant marshmallows. This was so rich and so decadent and totally stretchy pants worthy!
It is always fun to be featured on a company's Insta feed
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Spoiler alert: my entire feed is food and Beignet ;)

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