Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Best of the Blog

I started this little blog in February of 2010 as a way for me to document the different cooking contests and competitions that I was either in or had won. My first few years of posts are absolutely cringe worthy and although there have been many months where this little section of my life gets completely neglected, I still keep coming back and trying again.
My daughter was one when I created this blog and I just wanted to post my kids' parties, the cakes I made them, and maybe one day they could look back at it and see for themselves how much work and love went into their events. She is now 9 years old!!
I also added very old family recipes that I just didn't want to forget. Sometimes favorite family recipes get lost forever because no one took the time to make grandma write down her recipes that she knew by heart.
This past year I have really worked hard trying to improve my recipes, photography, food styling and the number of contests I enter. My pictures have gotten better over time, but it is absolutely not where I want it to be and it's the thing I struggle with the most. In an attempt to improve even more I just applied to be a publisher on Yummly! You may notice the new cute little orange button under each blog post title now, and that's a direct link to their site. Feel free to "Yum" any recipe you like on here from now on!
Here's a direct link to my Yummly publisher's page if you'd like to follow along, save and share recipes!

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