Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Suggestions and Smoothies

While having the time of my life chatting it up in NYC with Chef Jeffery Saad for the Bush's Chili Cook-off he suggested once we were back in Austin to try out Barlata since he knew the chef and had been there numerous times before. I was super excited when I found out that Louis had booked reservations for us to go there for brunch on Valentine's Day!
It did not disappoint! We tried a little bit of everything, and I would definitely go back. The cocktails were amazing and here were some of our favorite dishes:
The Lola's Cooler was absolutely delicious, I could have had a pitcher of that alone. The garlic shrimp were divine, and the best part was the butter in the bottom of the pan soaked up with the warm bread they kept bringing to the table. Totally delicious!
Torrijas- Castilian Toast, Seasonal Berries, Almonds, Whipped Cream
House cured salmon- Pickled​ red onions, capers, crème fraiche
Gambas Ajillo- Shrimp Garlic/Olive Oil
Pulpo- 2 hours cooked octopus with fingerling potatoes and adobo oil
Barlata Paella- Spanish​ saffron rice, mixed seafood, chicken, chorizo and veggies
Lola's Cooler- StGermain, Dolin Blanc, Pear, Yellow Chartreuse, Honey, Citrus and Cava

In more exciting contest news, I had two wins in the same week that I am pretty proud of!
My Blood Orange Coconut Lava Flow Smoothie won me a $500 WholeFoods gift card 

And my Southwest Sackin' Stackers won the runner up prize for Pepsi's Game Day Grub Match challenge!! I took Cheddar Jalapeño cheetos and pressed them on the outside of crescent roll swirls with bacon, mexi-corn and pepper jack cheese. Topped with FritoLay hot bean dip and a creamy Lay's Smooth Ranch Dip Salsa for the win! 

Runner-up prizes:  Check in the amount of $500,  PepsiCo party pack including a mix of PepsiCo food and beverage products, a signed cookbook from Anne Burrell and a Wilson Super Bowl 50 Football.  

It's been a great week so far!


  1. Um, it's been a great couple weeks so far! I am headed to Austin in a couple weeks - I've tried unsuccessfully to eat at Franklin's BBQ but I don't know if anyone is willing for me to wait 3+ hours to eat there - it may be a solo lunch trip for me!

    1. When will you be here?! If I'm not in NY I'd love to meet up!!


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