Monday, October 13, 2014

The Marrow

I have followed Top Chef every season since it started, so when the Extended Stay execs told us that they were treating us to a celebratory dinner at Harold Dieterle's place, The Marrow, the night of the contest I was so excited! I remember watching him when he won the first season of Top Chef and I couldn't wait to taste his food. It was the perfect way to end an amazing day.
We were all picked up by limo bus and took a ride into downtown Manhattan
The restaurant was absolutely stunning and since I hadn't eaten much all day due to nerves I was starving by the time we arrived
Please bear with me because all I had was my iPhone to get pics of the meal but believe me when I tell you it was utterly divine
The marrow at the Marrow was quite good and is actually one of Louis' favorite dishes. Buttery and rich spread over crunchy crostini with a bright caper and parsley topping.
I got the salad so we could both try everything and it was delicious as well. I adore butter lettuce and topping it with a light herbed buttermilk dressing was a perfect way to start the meal

For entrees we both got the Grilled Branzino
The fish was perfectly cooked, there were little pieces of crunchy pancetta lardons throughout the fregola which had a nice al dente feel to it and the clams gave the sauce a delicious light seafood flavor. I don't think I left a crumb on my plate.
For dessert, Louis had the Peach and Blackberry Crumble with Butermilk Sherbet
and I had the Ginger Stout Cake with Poached Peaches and Honey Ice Cream
Honestly, I know this dessert doesn't look like anything that great, but it may be one of the top 5 best desserts I've ever had. It reminded me a lot of sticky toffee pudding, which I may or may not have overindulged in before and made myself almost sick on.
I was really really sad when I got too full to finish it. This is the dessert of my dreams. The cake was warm and perfectly spiced, there was a sprinkling of flaked salt over the top and when it mixed with the caramel sauce at the bottom it made me regret finishing off my fish. I should have started with dessert! I have GOT to figure out how to re-create this dish. If anyone has a similar recipe, I'd love to see it!

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