Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Under the Under the Weather

Before we left for our 10 day trip back home I packed everything I needed to decorate a beautiful mermaid themed birthday cake.
(at least the design in my head was beautiful) 
Sprinkles, homemade fondant, cutters, icing gel colors, streamers, pink plates and forks, a cake board and MUCH MUCH MORE. 
While packing all of my baking gear I came across a cupcake liner and topper set I bought a while ago and I threw it in the box. I really didn't know why but in the back of my mind I said "just in case"
well guess what?
I ended up needing that back up box and I was so glad for my over planning!
During our trip both the kids and Louis ended up with terrible colds and one ear infection which led to antibiotics, cough medicine, humidifiers and many nights of being up at all hours trying to console one of them.
The day before we had scheduled all of our family to come over and share a piece of that beautiful cake I had in my mind we had to cancel the party. My little mermaid princess was just too sick to invite people over. I was so sad for her but I still wanted to do something fun, so out came the fairy themed cupcake box.
Pink cake, purple icing and fairy toppers
She got to eat her girly cake in her footed pj's, princess crown and Ariel nightgown, Vick's vapo-rub and all!
(please excuse the hideous face I am making, apparently I eat cake like an animal)

Today is her birthday
She is 3 and very proud of it!
We are so blessed to have her and I couldn't imagine life without her
 so sweet
and so sassy
Thanks to Al Gawlik Photography for the amazing pictures! If you live in Austin you must check her out!

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  1. I heart her! She was so amazing at the session! Your cakes and cupcakes are amazing!


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