Thursday, August 14, 2014

Extended Stay America Away From Home Recipe Contest

If you know me, or have visited this blog before, you know I have a thing with recipe contests. I love to enter them and I really love to win them. When I am looking for a new contest to enter I usually look to see what the prize is, and if it requires voting. I really try to stay away from voting contests as much as possible, but sometimes the prize is so good I just have to go for it.
That was the case with the newest voting contest I'm entered in.
EXTENDED STAY AMERICA “AWAY FROM HOME COOKING” CONTEST had a prize offering I just couldn't help but try for and, to my utter surprise, they picked 2 of my entries to be in finalist spots!!
Two trips to NY are up for grabs along with the chance at $5,000 and to be featured with Sunny Anderson at the Network New York City Wine & Food Festival sounds like a dream!
is what I'm hoping will get me enough votes to get to NY!
If you have a moment, and wouldn't mind helping me out I'd love for you to vote for my recipe and help me get there! Each email address can vote once per day and it is a super quick and easy vote. As always, it is very appreciated!!

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